General Spray Services

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General spray is a standard treatment and a preventative service mostly used by our company when client move in to a new house. A spray is applied indoor in the rooms to the baseboards, behind refrigerator motors, cracks and crevices in the kitchen, washrooms, laundry, furnace room and storage rooms. It is beneficial to control general small crawling and flying insects and maintain good hygienic conditions. That way you can get extra protection from other pests at the same time. Any other pest harbourage areas are also covered, using common sense. It is recommended to have this service after every six months (Once in the summer and then in the winter). Further in order to maintain good hygienic conditions, disinfectant and deodorants are recommended options.
For the control of any particular pest, please consult with our professional exterminator for specific treatment. We provide the service in a responsible and professional manner to help achieve control. Pest Control BARRIE utilizes safe, effective and environmentally friendly treatments when carrying out pest control services.

(7 days a week Service in All Greater Toronto area and York Region)
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