Fact Sheet

House Flies

- taste with their feet, which are 10 million times more sensitive to sugar than the human tongue. This has been known to carry over 100 different kind of disease causing germs.

Mice & Rats

- Are carriers of sickness and disease in various forms, which are spread by rats and infected fleas from cats and dogs. They often bite sleeping children and even adults. Damage furniture, destroy and contaminate food. Probably the most important disease that can be transmitted by mice is Salmonella food poisoning.


– A wingless odorous insect with a flat reddish body that infests dwellings, beddings and feed on human blood. It attacks humans causing irritation and allergic reactions. They are harboured in crevices, especially in mattresses, box springs and bed frames.


- In their eagerness for food, may frequently vomit portions of undigested material onto the surface they are crawling on. It is a very simple matter for a cockroach, carrying a crop full of bacteria laden waste from a nearby drain, to vomit onto food for human consumption: perhaps your food.

Wasp / Bee

- People often mistake bees for wasps because of their colouring, however they are different. Bees sting once and then die, but wasps can sting repeatedly. The sting of wasp could cause allergic reactions. For one person in 100, the sting of a wasp can be fatal.

Cat and Dog Fleas

- Can bite and cause painful swelling. Other species of flea are carries of diseases such as bubonic plague.


- Can infect food, cause painful bites and damage property. There are many different species and habits.

Case Making Cloth Moth

- Have faint spots on the wings, the larvae makes a case tightly woven which completely encloses the insect, except that it's head protrudes from the case when it is feeding. Cereals, Dried Fruits and Fabrics may be attacked.


- Are a nuisance pest in domestic premises. They can spoil food, make unsightly marks and damage books by eating the binding glue.

Carpet Beetle

- Will attack any form of animal fiber even in mixture with synthetic fiber. The beetles are strong fliers and can migrate long distances.

Lawn Beetles

- Cause brown patches in the lawn. Unfortunately the beetle begins life as a grub - which live under the grass, eating away at the roots where you can't see them.

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